Do you think I should take the stitches out or leave them?

I had a thigh and buttocks liposuction 2 weeks ago and I did not get my stitches out. They are tied in a knot on the surface of the skin, and i fear of poor scaring. Last time i had this done, the doctor took the stitches out, even though he said they were dissolveable. but now nothing. Do you think i should take the stitches out or leave them? If i do not take them out, do you think the scaring will be worse than taking them out?

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You should be discussing this with your PS. In my patients, I would remove them by now but I cannot comment on your specific case. Why haven't you just gone back to your PS?


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Removing liposuction sutures

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Absorbing sutures don't always absorb after liposuction.

Sometime sutures will leave little marks.

At two weeks, these liposuction incisions are healed.

Call your surgeon and ask if s/he wants to remove the sutures or if you can do it yourself.

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