What would be the solution for my teeth? (Photos)

Hello, I want to have perfect teeth. Unfortunatly, it is not the case. In fact, I have a midline upper diastema, also my left incisor tooth which is rotating. The lower teeth aren't perfectly straight too, in fact, all of the incisors teeth and the canines are crooked and overlap a little bit. What are the possibilities ? Also, what would be the approximate time for the orthodontics treatment ? Thank you very much

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Solution for diastema and crooked teeth.

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Thank you very much for asking your question. I totally understand your concern. A lot of patients have similar concerns as well and we helped them to reach their goals.
I believe either braces or Invisalign is a great choice for you. Both options will deliver results you are looking for, Invisalign will get it done in more cosmetic fashion though and it can be accomplished within 5-12 month.That's the reason most patients will go for it nowadays.
Hope this helps.
Dr. Michael Ayzin

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