What is the Best Solution for Loose Skin Due to Breastpump?

A few years ago I used a vakuumpump in the purpose of enlarging my breast. This didnt go very well and for some reason i ended up with loose skin near my armpit. As you can se, it's not alot but it really bothers me. Is some sort of liposuction enough to tighten the skin? Thermage? Or something else? I would be really thankful for some answers!

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Loose Arm Skin After Breast Pump Enlargement

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Thank you for your question. If there is significant fat beneath the lump Liposuction may help. I do not believe non surgical skin tightening with Thermage, Titan, Ulthera and others will work. The area can be excised but will leave a scar.

Difficult area

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This is a problem that many, many women have.  It may or may not be due to the breast pump.

It is either a pocket of breast tissue or a pocket of fat or both.  If it is fat, liposuction will work, but

may leave some loose skin that would have to be excised (cut out).  Hopefully the skin will

contract enough that it won't be necessary. If it is breast tissue, it will have to be excised (cut out).  If so,

it will leave a small scar usually hidden in your axilla (arm pit).  

E. Anthony Musarra II, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Loose Skin Infra-axillary Area?

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Thank you for the question and photograph.

The area that you demonstrate is a very common “problem area” for many women. This tends to be loose skin as well as breast tissue (axillary tail of Spence).   Usually, direct excision is necessary for effective treatment. This involves excision of skin and underlying breast/subcutaneous tissue. Liposuction may leave you with continued loose skin. “Noninvasive” techniques will not be affected.

Generally, the resulting scar can be hidden in the axillary area.

I hope this helps.

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