What's the Solution for Hairs in Face?

My self Yashaswini. I was applying Skinlite cream, my face was fair and no marks its good but I have got hairs in my face. It looks bad. I did't get any solution from any one so please help me

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Solution for Facial Hairs

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It depends on what type of hair on your face you are referring to.  Dark hair can be treated quite well with lasers.  If it is a light or fine "peach fuzz" type of hair then you might be best with some facial depilatories like such products of Nair found at your local beauty aid stores.  I hope this helps. 

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Laser Hair Removal - Facial Hair

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Thank you for your question. For facial hair, I recommend you see a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for all your options. This could be a prescription cream called Vaniqua or treatment with a laser. The Candela 1064 or 755 lasers are best.  The Candela should remove your facial hair without any trouble. The Cynosure is also a good machine, just not as effective on fine hair. I hope this helps.

Facial hair can best be treated with laser hair removal

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If you are getting increased facial hair make sure there is no hormonal reason for it.  Once you know the answer you should find an experienced board certified dermatologist to treat you. There also is a cream called Vaniqua that reduces hair growth.

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