Is Having the Skin Care Specialist/technician Perform a Profractional Resurfacing a Deal Breaker?

I am planning on getting the profractional resurfacing for my acne scarring and sun spots, probably 5 treatments total. The two dermatology offices I have gone to both have the skin care specialists trained to perform the treatments. Obviosuly Montana law is a little more leniant than other states if this is allowable. What questions should I be asking the dermatologist to ensure propoer treatment?

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Physician must be involved in your care.

Each state has different laws on who is permitted to do laser.  The most important thing that a physician must know is your lifestyle, lifestage, and goals with the treatment.  You need to know how active the physician will be in your care.  Depending on your state guidelines, the physician may not be the person actually performing the treatment.  However, the physician should be active in your care and communicate effectively with the technician in order to ensure that your care is being conducted properly.  The physician should be able to review the settings with the technician and the areas to be treated so that your objectives are best met. 

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