Will I Be Able to Have the D Size I Am Looking for with an Expansion of 800cc?

I have had a bilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. When under going the expansion I had infection leading to a removal and replacement of an expander(which was a different brand). I am now at the end of my expansion and at 800cc will I be able to be the D size i use to be. Also I was told I will not have the projection as i do now with the expanders, Is this true?

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Implant volume does not guarantee cup size.

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The answer to that depends on your height and weight which determines your BMI, body mass index.  

In patients with BMI's greater than 40, 800cc implants may only be an A or a B cup.


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Breast Reconstruction with Tissue Expanders

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  One of the limiting factors in  breast reconstruction with tissue expanders and  implants is that currently in the  United States  silicone implants are only available up to 800 cc.   This does limit the size that can be obtained after a mastectomy .   That said the size that can be obtained is also dependent on the woman's chest wall diameter.   In a woman with a broader chest -  say a 38 or 40 -    the same  implant will look smaller than in a woman with a narrower chest wall diameter -  say a 34 or 36..   There are different styles of implants available -  low, medium and high profile.   This means that  for the same volume a low profile implant  gives more coverage of the chest wall  and less projection  and a high profile implant has a smaller base diameter and more projection  with the middle falling appropriately somewhere in the middle.  Have a discussion with your plastic surgeon about the implants available and how they would fit on your chest wall  and you will have a better idea of what is possible for you.

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Breast reconstruction and implants

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Without an exam it is difficult to comment on your exact procedure.  I always ask patients during the fill process to inform me when they are ahppy with the volume. Once that is obtained, I try to match the implant volume to this. The implant usually looks different from the expander.

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