Is My Silimed Chin Implant Causing the Lower Lip To Be Higher, or is it Paralysis? (photo)

I just received a Silimed Silicon Chin Implant Model 2 through an incision below the chin, plus neck lipo 10 days ago. The swelling is basically gone but I am left with a lower lip that comes down crooked and raised. I can't tell if its because the implant is sleightly off or if it's due to lip paralysis. I also have numbness on my right side that hasn't subsided at all. My chin is more pointy than before. the only thing that's sleightly improved is my profile. Will having it removed restore my past look? Any suggestions? Have you providers found this type of implant to push up on the muscles that affect the lower lip preventing the showing of lower teeth while smiling? Is this a frequent problem with chin implants and does it resolve on its own with time? Is this caused by an implant pocket that wasn't advanced sufficiently cephalic? Is this type of implant easily placed too cephalic?

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Concern regarding chin implant

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It appears as if you have weakness to the depressor of your lower lip. This can occur from neck liposuction and rarely from the chin implant surgery. You need to give it time and it will likely resolve. Once swelling subsides you should have a better sense of your aesthetic result from the implant. Ultimately if you are not happy with the result the implant can be removed or replaced. You should followup with your surgeon to discuss your concerns

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