What Are the Signs of a Shifted Breast Implant After BA?

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Signs of Shifted Breast Implant?

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Thank you for the question.

 I think what you are referring to is otherwise known as implant  displacement where a breast implant can “shift” out of its ideal position. Examples of breast implant displacement include bottoming out, superior displacement, lateral displacement, and medial displacement ( symmastia).

 Signs that a breast implant has shifted would include visual or palpable changes of the breast implant positioning, breast asymmetry, and occasionally discomfort associated with the implant displacement.  Often, the nipple/areola complex can appear off-center on the breast mound if a breast implant displaces.

 Your plastic surgeon will be a good resource to help you determine whether a breast implant has displaced from its ideal position.

 I hope this helps.

Implant shifting or displacement of the breast implant

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Shifting of an implant, to some degree, is normal and commonly found in the first one month of the surgery as the breast implant settles.  However, positional changes in the implant that change the aesthetics and symmetry of the breasts should be monitored and corrected, if possible.  Capsule plication is often recommended. Surgery90210

Shifting breast implants signs

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You may see asymmetry of the breasts, scarring around the implants, and even pain can be associated with shifting breast implants.  Return to your plastic surgeon for any concerns.

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