What is the Sharp Burning Pain in the Mons Area 4 Months Post Op TT? (photo)

I am 4 month post op full TT with abdominal repair and lipo in the flanks. I have a sharp burning pain in the mons area. I am pointing at it in the picture. My doctor released me 10 weeks post op. He said I could come back at any time. Just wondering if this normal or if I should go back? It is very painful. What could it be? Thanks for your time.

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Pain over the mons after TT

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Thanks for the question.Its possible for some puerperal nerve is being trapped in one of the stitched during wound closure.To have parasthesia over some skin over the abdomen after tummy tuck is common and is caused be division of nerves in the operated area.It takes up to 6 months of the sensations to become normal since these nerves regenerate from the surrounding nerves that are intact.

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