Would the Shape of my Nasal Tip Change if Anterior Inferior Boarder of my Nasal Cartilage Was Removed?

I am a guy in my 20. and I had septoplasty in my 16. I just found that septoplasty in puberty may affect the growth of the septal cartilage and most people's septal cartilage are curved in different degrees. I am sure the curve is not very serious and I think there was definitely no need to have the surgery. The problem is I have found that the anterior inferior boarder of my nasal cartilage was removed, which support the nasal tips(according to what google tells me). So would it change?

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Shortening the nose with caudal septal resection

Removing cartilage from the caudal septum (inferior most part of the septum) can have the effect of shortening the nose and causing the tip to rotate upward.  The amount of change will depend on where and how much cartilage was removed.  

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Would the Shape of my Nasal Tip Change if Anterior Inferior Boarder of my Nasal Cartilage Was Removed?

 It depends on how and what segments of the septal cartilage, both inside and out, were removed at the area of the anterior septal angle.  Septoplasty is done with or without a Rhinoplasty to remove bent sections of the septal cartilage, inside the nose, that causes nasal breathing obstruction.  

 When the very end of the nasal septum (anterior septal angle) is crooked, a small section can be remove along the entire length (top to bottom) or some combination thereof to make the nostrils and the end of the nose straighter.  

 If the top portion, of the anterior septal angle is removed, the nasal tip rotates upward.  Unless all of the anterior segment of the septum was removed, there should be adequate support left for the nasal tip.  You may want to discuss this with the Rhinoplasty Surgeon that did your Septoplasty.

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