Will the Shape Change to Tear Drop? and How Long?

I had my saline filled breast ag high profile implants done ten days ago and they.are shaped weird. They are high up and not.round, will it change? My.first follow appt was yesterday and I was advised not message yet.

I'm one month post op saline submuscular HP implants. I use to be a 34 b cup and still not able to wear a bra, because the bra doesn't fit right. My chest is real tight, the implanbt is still high up, leaving no round fullness that I desired around my breast. I was advised that i didn't need a maxopexy and my nipples are alittle low, pointing down. I just started my messages and I'm wondering if my breast will change to a natural looking breast in time, like i was advised? I have the topedo.

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Breast shape after augmentation

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You have to give it several months for the breasts to settle down. usually 3-4 months is enough time to see where they are.

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Change in breast shape after augmentation

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Many factors will affect how long it will take to see the final result after breast augmentation surgery: the size of the implant, the tightness of your beast skin, the shape of the implant, the placement position (over or under the muscle), and most importantly, the healing time after surgery.  It is common to have an early shape that looks unusual, but this should improve with time (months).  Generally, massage is helpful for smooth wall implants...discuss this with your surgeon.

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