What's the Scoop, the History Behind BBL? Where Do Plastic Surgeons Learn to Do BBL?

Is it part of basic plastic surgeon school/ residency or whatever? Is it a special interest class you take after becoming a surgeon? Is there a certification for BBL? Who started it? I'm guessing it started in Brazil but I could be wrong. What are the theories behind making a good shaped butt? Is that taught or a conclusion the doctor comes to on there own? What are the proper terms for butt shapes and where did they come from, common use?

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BBL....It's an art...

Most residencies and training programs do not teach the art of the BBL. It is usually something a surgeon picks up once they are in private cosmetic practice for a while. Although it is not technically difficult (say compared to a rhinoplasty) there is an art for knowing shape and proportions. The best way to pick a surgeon is to look at before and after photos and pick one that matches your desired style.


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