Can the Scars from the Lipo for the Brazilian Buttlift Be Minimized?

Hello, I am considering getting the Brazilian Buttlift but I am worried about the amount of scars I will receive afterwards. I understand that liposuction has to be done for the fat transfer and I read that it has to be harvested from different areas of the body. My concern is that I don't want too many little scars on my body and was wondering if it is possible they can lipo only one or two parts of my body (say just from the thighs and abdomen)?

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Minimizing Scars from Lipo for Brazilian Butt Lift

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The areas for fat harvesting are dependent on: amount of fat in each area, as well as the patient's goals, ie, how much increase in buttock size the patient desires.  You can get fat from one or more areas and the scar are usually about a centimeter and hidden in natural creases: for example, the belly button and groin areas for the abdomen, the inner thigh crease for inner thighs, the buttock crease for outer thighs, etc  The world is a pretty sophisticated place and no one wants to have conspicuous scars so the least # and the smallest scars hidden in the most discreet areas is the goal - the goal is to have surgery but not show that you did!

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Minimal scars for BBL

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to answer your question simply, the scars can certainly be minimized  and are generally not an issue, the total number and locations are determined by the physician and the areas that will be addressed.

Can the scars be minimized in a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

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Scarring from the Brazillian Butt Lift procedure are usually minimal and not bothersome. Ax to how many areas of the body need to be used in the liposuction part of the procedure to get adequate donor fat, that depends on the available donor fat. Normally the waist and abdomen are used because they usually have excess fat plus complement the butt lift result. But sometimes othere areas such as the thighs and arms need also to be used to obtain adeqauate fat.The scars, for the most part, are well concealed and quite small, less tha  a quarter inch in length. And if the scars become thickened thay cann be injected with steroids.

Can the Scars from the Lipo for the Brazilian Buttlift Be Minimized?

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Hi and thank for your question.  The liposuction scars are usually very small, only a few millimeters in length and usually heal very well.  As far as how many areas need to be done, that depends on how much fat you have in those areas.  Typically I recommend doing lipo on the love handles and lower back areas on all my Brazilian butt Lift patients because this helps with the final contour of the buttocks.  I will do other areas as needed  to get enough fat.  Usually 2 or 3 areas are enough to harvest enough fat.

Rigo Mendoza, MD
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Liposuction scars usually fade beautifully

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Hi there-

Liposuction scars are typically a few millimeters in length and fade to a very faint line (it will look like a scratch on your skin) over time.

If the significant improvement in your body's shape that most women enjoy after a well-done Brazilian Butt Lift does not seem like a worthwhile trade for a few tiny scars that fade so well, I would say you are probably not a good candidate for the procedure.

Remember- nothing in life is free, and every decision represents a trade-off. For the vast majority of patients, these scars are an easy trade to accept in exchange for their lovely new shape.

Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposuction Scars

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Hi Girl Like You
Thanks for the question.  I understand your concerns.  Not everyone makes the greatest scars. 
Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposuction techniques vary from surgeon to surgeon.  Some use more scars than others.  I typically use very few scars, all of which are well hidden even in a teeny bikini.  The fat grafting is performed using several needle punctures on your buttocks, which initially leave a small dot that fades with time.  Nobody likes scars, including me.  To get a good result requires a few scars, but they can be hidden. 
Good Luck
Dr M

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Scars from Brazilian Buttlift

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Thanks for your question.

In our San Francsico area practice we perform this operation frequently.  The principal benefit from a Brazilian is the significant contour change with small amount of scar. 

We hide the lipo scars (typically less than a centimeter long) in the belly button for the abdomen and at the lateral flanks for the flank liposuction area.  We usually require 3 small scars to get the fat back in - one of them is hidden in the vertical gluteal cleft.

I encourage you to look at our before and after photos here on RealSelf or on our website to see for yourself.



Can the Scars from the Lipo for the Brazilian Buttlift Be Minimized

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If you have enough fat to be harvested from your thighs and abdomen, then certainly those can be the only areas where you have fat harvested for the transfer for the brazilian butt lift procedure.  As is mentioned from the other posts, the scars are minimal, not even 1/2 inch long, and placed in discreet creases that once healed are nearly invisible.  In my practice, I try to minimize the number of incisions so there are the smallest number of scars.  Good luck!

Amy T. Bandy, DO, FACS
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Can the Scars from the Lipo for the Brazilian Buttlift Be Minimized?

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The scars from liposuction are very small, hidden in creases and once healed are barely noticable if you know where to look. This procedure starts with liposuction and for this to be done well multiple directions of access must be used to achieve smoothness and symetry.  It is possible to harvest only certain areas but that also limits the amount of fat availabel to be used.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Scars from the Lipo for the Brazilian Buttlift

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Liposuction scars are small and hardly noticeable. They are a great tradeoff for losing fatty body areas and getting that fat transferred to your buttocks (or breasts). When Liposuction is done well, it must be done through multiple ports to get an even, smooth result. The amount of fat required by the surgeon and your areas of fat prominence would dictate which areas he will need to flatten / harvest as well as how many access puncture incisions may need to be placed. If this does not seem like a fair trade off, you really should not have the operation.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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