Can the Scars and Extra Skin Be Repaired? (photo)

I am 8 months post-op of a full TT and Breast Reduction (DDD to a D). I LOVE my new shape and exercising 4-5 days a wk, watch what I eat. Scheduled my 6 month post op for the next couple of weeks but wanted to know how and if my issues can be fixed? TT = had scar healing issues that the doctors on here helped tremendously with for questions I needed to ask the dr. Breast reduction = a 'bulge' of skin under my right breast. And my belly button looks like cauliflower. Any help?

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Skin revision after breast reduction and tummy tuck

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Hi - congratulations on healing from your surgery and getting back to exercising! Your scars can definitely be improved, but it will take surgical revision. I would talk to your plastic surgeon regarding whether or not these can be done in the office under local or require more extensive sedation or anesthesia in the OR. It appears that you had a vertical breast reduction, which can sometimes lead to the bulging you see under your breast. Revising this often requires making a slightly longer incision horizontally, but does significantly improve the contour. The scar hides pretty well too. For your tummy tuck, your scars look pretty wide, so excising and re-closing these would help with the appearance of your belly button and lower incision. Be sure to take it easy after your scar revisions, as your activity in the first 4-6 weeks often has a lot of bearing on your eventual scars, so good behavior during this time certainly pays off! You may also ask about what sorts of treatments can be started 2-4 weeks after revisional surgery to help scars fade faster. Good luck!

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Dogears and widened scars will require surgical correction after mommy makeover.

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The breasts demonstrate dogears which is a redundancy of skin gathered up near the edge of the incision. These have to be surgically corrected. The abdomen shows a wide scar that will not get narrower. This also will require a surgical revision.

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