If Scalp Has Been Tattooed to Give the Illusion of More Hair Are Some Types of Iron Oxide Pigment Not Laser Removable? (photo)

I went with my 'before and after' photos of hair density pigmentation on the scalp to a local medi spa to show what I had been trained on at my SMP course. One of the assistants at the spa was questioning what type of pigment (iron oxide or charcoal) was in the product I used as some iron oxide pigments cannot be removed from the scalp by laser. This is news to me. I tried to connect with my trainer but she hasn't responded to my question.

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Turns blue

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Pigments or inks that contain iron oxide will turn blue or green more than others.  Using pigments with iron oxide may interfere with medical imaging such as MRI.  Laser tattoo removal of pigments containing iron oxide can be an issue as well.

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The use of iron oxides in SMP pigments

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The use of such materials is not good. The lasers can break up the iron oxides and then let the body's immune system try to clean up the mess. You should not be using iron oxide or charcoal in your pigments and it seems that the course you took may be short sighted in what they were teaching you.

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