What is the Safest Type of Breast Implant? And What is a Gel Cohesive Implant?

I have been very interested in getting breast implants for a while but I'm confused on where to start my journey. I hear alot of ppl say that going out of the country is affordable & safe but I'm very leery about doing so. I'm trying to find a doctor in my area of Lafayette or Baton Rouge. I'm currently a size 32A & I want implants that are safe & natural looking. Im raising 3 daughters that are passing me in bra size so I really need help. Can someone help me start my journey. Thanks alot

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Best and safest Type of Breast Implant?

The best thing to do is exactly what you have been doing, research and talking to other people.I would say that the typical cost of implants are around $5000 and going out of the country for breast implants is costly and can be very risky as other countries do not have similar laws protecting patient's rights. There is lots of information out there and some of it true and some of it not. I would recommend researching on this sight and then visiting with a few BC PS in the area and having a frank discussion on your goals and ask them if they can acheive them and what they believe would be the safest and most effective route, good luck!

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Starting research about breast augmentation.

It seems fortuitous that I just uploaded a two-part comprehensive guide to breast augmentation in the articles section on my About page on this site. Click on my name and scroll down to Part 1 and then Part 2. This is 24 pages that I send to my prospective breast augmentation patients BEFORE they come to see me for consultation. Not only does this save lots of time by answering most questions before they arrive, it allows us to concentrate on the patient's individual anatomic characteristics, goals, and my best recommendation to get as close as possible to her desired result. Be prepared; it's lots of information.

To answer your direct questions, all of the presently-available saline and silicone breast implants by any of the 3 breast manufacturers in the US are safe. They do not cause or increase the risk of breast cancer or any autoimmune disease or illness, and the present generation of silicone gel implants are filled with a more-crosslinked silicone polymer that is a soft solid substance that cannot leak, even if the implant shell were to somehow be damaged. The present generation of implants are the most-studied products in the medical devices marketplace, and have been FDA-approved for cosmetic breast augmentation since 2000 (saline-filled implants) and 2006 (cohesive silicone gel implants). Older versions of breast implants have been in use since 1963, and much of the "bad press" and problems with leakage or rupture were in these older-generation implants.

Click on the link below and start reading. Most of your questions will be answered, after which you should schedule an appointment with an ABPS-certified plastic surgeon experienced in breast augmentation, who can examine you and answer specifics related to you and your goals.

Surgical tourism (outside the US) is fraught with potential problems. We plastic surgeons who live in border states see all too many patients with problems that occurred after surgery elsewhere, and access is now a problem. Stay local if you can, and at least stay in the US otherwise. You get what you pay for, and that may be much more than a "vacation." Good luck and best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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