What is the Risk of Tissue Collapse if a Reconstructive Surgery is Needed to Straighten out 2 Botched Up Plastic Surgeries?

I had 2 deviated septum surgeries by plastic surgeons. I just found out that there is a large bone spur left (or caused) in the maxillary area which now completely blocks the right side from breathing. So now I'm facing a reconstructive surgery by an ENT to remove the spur, and to open my sinuses. After she finishes these two, she plans to work on straightening out the deviated septum. Is there much risk in having any collapse in my nose, since this is already a 3rd surgery in that same area?

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Collapse of nose

It is very unlikely to have your nose collapse as your surgeon may have to steal some cartilage from your ear the reconstruction. Is your nose straight now?



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