What is the Risk of Hyperpigmentation with IPL Treatment of Upper Lip?

I am of Sri Lankan origin so I have medium brown skin. I am planning on undertaking IPL treatment on my upper lip, but have heard there is a risk of hyperpigmentation. I'm only having 5 sessions, I was wondering how great this risk is? Should I avoid it completely?

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Hyperpigmentation and IPL

Like any cosmetic procedures I would recommend you see very experienced technicians for your IPL. A fly-by-night med spa, though it may have great prices, will not have the expertise of a physician's office. My office has done over 110,000 IPL procedures on people with all different skin tones. I would not worry unless you are basing your procedures on pricing and not experience. Choose an office that has done a great deal of procedures and understands that great care must be taken in the settings for IPL on darker skin tones.

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