Whats the Right Size for Butt Implants if Im 5'4 and Weight 123?

Im getting butt implants in three months and want to know what would look nice on my body.

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Buttock Implants

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There are only two safe and relatively effective methods for Buttock Augmentation: 1) Autologous Fat Transfer (using your own fat, transferring from one area of the body to the other) and 2) Buttock Implants (semi-solid silicone rubber implants that cannot rupture &/or leak).  Both are very good options so what it comes down to, like any surgery, is proper patient selection.  Indeed because at least 50+ % of the fat transferred will melt away within a year, most patients are not good candidates because they lack an adequate amount of fat to harvest.  Thus buttock implants become a very good, safe, and long term reliable option for most patients seeking buttock augmentation (at least in my practice).  The implant should always be placed under or within the gluteus maximus muscle.  In this position, the implant is less palpable, less visible, and does not sag over time unlike implants placed on top of the muscle.  Therefore it is extremely important to seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure. 

As far as determining size and shape, that depends on the existing anatomical dimensions of your buttock cheeks themselves.  This of course can only be determined by an actual live physical exam and consultation.  Best of luck...RAS


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Buttock Implant

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There is no doubt that Fat Transfer ti the buttock is superior to butt implants. But for people who do not have enough at may use implants . there are may shapes and sizes to choose. from. Custome implants can be made too.

The right size is dependant on measurement of the buttocks and the look you want.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Choosing butt implants

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Your body anatomy is the limiting factor in the implant selection.  Talk to your board certified plastic surgeon to see the selection of implant sizes that fit your buttock width and height.  There are a few companies that offer products that are available in North America (have passed safety tests).  Your plastic surgeon probably doesn't offer all the products so you need to see what is available.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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