Is It the Right Choice?

Hi my orthodontist recently told me that I have to remove my 2 bicuspid teeth on the upper and I am really nervous. I have a 8 mm overbite and a crossbite (sorry I can't really give any more info. than I can remember) and I am just worried about how I am going to look. I have rather small lips and I'm afraid for them to be too small. Also I am afraid of developing sunken cheeks. My teeth used to be really crowded on the top but he has made it a lot better than it was before. Can you please help?

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Should I get extractions?

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Of course no orthodontist wants to extract teeth unless absolutely necessary.  And of course no body can evaluate your problem with this little information.
But, from what you have said this may be the right call because:

1. An 8mm overbite can be very hard to correct without surgery or extractions, especially in a non-growing individual

2. If you were very crowded then the final result may leave your upper teeth close to where they started...just straight rather than crowded

3. Extractions do not "cause" sunken cheeks.

4. Even if your overjet is skeletal in nature, many acceptable orthodontic corrections are done by tooth movement and extractions.

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