Look at the Right Cheekbone...is There Any Cracked Bone? (photo)

at left side bone...i had reconstruction surgery..so i dont want to know about..i wanted to know...if the right bone had crack..because until now..i got migrain after i got punched at that area..and i felt the bone sink a little bit like 10 percent like that...

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CT scan is best to evaluate facial trauma

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It is hard to make much out on that photograph of your X-ray film.  The right cheek is particularly underexposed making evaluation near impossible on this forum.  A CT scan will definitively evaluate a facial fracture and often helps plan the appropriate operation.

If you are concerned about a facial fracture I would recommend evaluation in the near future.  Fixing a facial fracture more than 7-10 days after the injury becomes much more difficult because the body starts to heal the bones in whatever position the injury left them in.   Keep in mind that headaches are common after a substantial head injury even if you did not fracture any facial bones.   Seek consultation with a local surgeon who deals with facial fractures frequently. 

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