What Would Be the Best Way to Get Rid of my Gap? (photo)

I want a cheap and fast method to fix my teeth

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Best way to close gap.

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While Composite Bonding is the fastest way to close gaps in between teeth, i feel the front two teeth will appear too wide with composite bonding. You may expect better and longer lasting results with Ceramic Veneers on at least 4 teeth to make them look more proportional.

India Dentist

The best vs. cheap to close a gap

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Interesting question.  When you say 'best', do you mean the most esthetic or the most durable or both?  When you say 'cheap' do you mean short term or long term?  Short term fix would be bonding.  It is cheap and esthetic but not long lasting - 5 to 15 years.  Now that people live beyond 100, does it make sense to repair the same problem every 10 years?  Wouldn't it be better to have a dentist make a small chip of porcelain glass that closes the gap, looks fantastic and lasts a lifetime, even if you live to 100?  The initial cost of such a partial veneer would be about double that of bonding but last indefinitely while looking perfect the whole lifetime.

Neal Nealis, DDS
Chicago Dentist

Fast and cheap to fix gap

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I would personally do Invisalign but that is not fast or cheap.  Fast and cheap gap closing in done using dental bonding. You might benefit from a little bit of careful reshaping of the gum in the midline as well. Expect the bonding to last 3-7 years, with the main problems being staining or chipping.  Another option would be veneers but they are not cheap and they are fast.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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What is Fastest and Most Inexpensive Technique to Close Gaps in Front Teeth

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From your photo dental bonding would be your fastest (done in one visit) and most inexpensive treatment available.  Bonding does not last as long as porcelain veneers and is more prone to discoloring or chipping over time.  5-7 years is a realistic life expectancy.  It does not prevent you from doing veneers at a later time when your budget would allow.

Closing Gap Fast and Cheap

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Fast and cheap gap closing in done using dental bonding. You might benefit from a little bit of careful reshaping of the gum in the midline as well. Expect the bonding to last 3-7 years, with the main problems being staining or chipping - both of which can be dealt with by your dentist without replacing the bonding.

Robert Penning, DMD
Toronto Dentist

Options For Closing Front Tooth Gap

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Dental bonding is the cheapest option, but would not look very good.  Porcelain veneers would look much more natural and last longer, but would cost much more than bonding.  You would need four veneers to make your case look great.  Good luck.  

How Do I Get Rid of My Gap Between My Two Front Teeth?

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Your gap can easily be fixed with composite dental bonding, making the two front teeth a little wider so that they are touching where the space is.  However, there is a limit on how wide a gap can be corrected with composite bonding before the teeth appear to be too wide and misshaped. 

Your dentist should be able to demonstrate how it will look with two commonly used method.  One is taking a model of your teeth and then having a lab change the width of the teeth on the models (called a diagnostic wax up).  The second method is with computer imaging.  There are numerous programs that do this, you can even do it yourself if you know how to use the Photoshop program.  So, you can see in advance if you will like the appearance with the more conservative composite bonding technique.

If you feel that the proportion of the widened front two teeth appear to make your teeth too wide and disproportionate, then the answer would be to do four porcelain veneers (not composite veneers).  This gives the dentist the best control in closing the spaces by making the teeth wider, but also in a more normal proportion to one anther (i.e. more normal looking size and shape).  The space is distributed over the four teeth veneered, rather than just between the two front teeth.

The composite bonding technique can be done in one visit, while the porcelain veneer technique would require two visits.  Also, the composite bonding technique would be much less costly than the porcelain veneer technique.

Most commonly the composite bonding technique is utilized for teenagers, but adults more frequently get porcelain veneers.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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