What is the Best Retiniod Lotion for Use on the Body? Rx and OTC?

I'm 30 and have been using Tretonin .1 and .05 on my face for several years with great results. I'm looking to for a body lotion with a retinoid in it for daily use to obtain smoothing results for my body as well. Can you please recommend a lotion (perferable and Rx grade)? Best and thanks!

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Best body exfoliant?

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All retinoids are typically indicated as gels, emollients, and hydrating creams (all typically for dry or oily skin). Retinoids are typically made to minimize irritation rather than a full Retin-A, however they are very expensive and are typically sold in small packages for small areas like one’s face. I would recommend trying a different approach to full body treatment. Products containing lactic acid, glycolic, alpha and/or beta hydroxy acids will all still work as an exfoliant and adequately stimulate the growth of collagen and correct pigmentation issues. Products like Glytone can help you achieve the desired results for your full body and are moderately priced.

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