Are the Results I Want Realistic? (photo)

I am 23 with 2 kids I do plan to have more. I'm obsessed with big booty I originally wanted the implants but i feel the skin on my butt is very thin and I'm afraid the edges will show or u can feel it or ow it would look when I bend over. The only reason I didn't think of the bbl first is because I'm not so sure I have enough fat for the result that I want. I want to make it appear like I have a shorter back and my bum is higher also want more volume. Would like widerhips ur don't want waste fat

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Candidate for BBL?

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You definitely can get some improvement in the love handle area from the liposuction.  With pictures, it is difficult to say how much can be harvested from the abdomen.  You may have enough to get a reasonable result, but I don't think you have enough to get a huge buttock.  A consultation will help you determine what is realistic.

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BBL in thin women

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I respectfully disagree that implants are your only option. If you want a BIG BIG Butt, than, yes, implants will only get you those results. But if you want a moderate increase in volume with significant improvement in shape, then I think a BBL will work. Experienced board certified plastic surgeons who do several BBLS per week should be good at finding all that "hidden" fat. I think you may be surprised at how much fat you can donate, even thoughyou are very skinny.

Buttocks Implants Are Your Only Buttock Augmentation Option

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You do not have enough fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift so that procedure is out of the question. I do not know where your concerns about buttock implant edge showing come from because you should be considering intramuscular implants not subfascial with your buttock anatomy. Buttock implants naturally provide volume in the upper half of the buttocks which is exactly where you want it.

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