How Much of the Results Can You See Within the First Days?

I just had liposuction a few days ago. When I was changing into my garment I noticed that my hips look so slender, my bottom looks very unfeminine, I no longer have the rounded curve of hip. I'm concerned that its only a couple days out of the procedur, it may be still swollen and will go down even more. How much swelling usually occurs in the hip area after liposuction? My tummy is straight up and down no curve going into my hip. Is there hope that with time a feminine shape will return?

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Liposuction and early post-op

Just after liposuction it is very common to have swelling and so you may not have the curves at this point because of that.  Give it a few months to settle down.

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Early Appearance After Liposuction

Dear loveheartlove888,

Swelling is very common after liposuction. Patience is key as final results do not appear for several weeks to months.

Warmest wishes for your recovery,

Larry Fan, MD

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How Much of the Results Can You See Within the First Days?

             Swelling can definitely distort the results.  It would be hard to evaluate the first few days after surgery.



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