If the results of a full facelift are not satisfactory will the surgeon fix it for free or am I out another $17000?

I had a full face and neck lift however my neck still has some excess skin now that the swelling is gone and my face looks like nothing was done. I still have big jowls and no neck line. How can this be fixed? How soon after surgery can you have another to fix what was not done? Will I be charged for the repair?

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Secondary facelift surgery

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Keep in mind that you should wait at least six months to a year following facelift surgery before considering a touch up. Most surgeons will charge a reduced fee for secondary surgery Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Facelift Revision

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It is difficult to answer your questions about revision without more information, but in general, most surgeons will perform revisions on their own patients at a reduced fee. You also did not mention how long ago that you had the procedure. It often takes several months before all of the swelling has resolved-this can vary depending on the type of facelift that was performed and whether fat injections were done.
If it has been longer than this and you are not satisfied with your results, you should discuss it with your surgeon or see a board certified plastic surgeon for a second opinion.

Unhappy with facelift results.

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You should discuss this with your surgeon as why you have this and swelling will not be gone for 1 year. If this is less than a year this may go down.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Unhappy with Facelift results

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Firstly, I am sorry that you are unhappy with your results. The first thing is to openly discuss any issues with your doctor. In my practice if a person needs a true revision , I do not charge any surgeons fees , just OR and anesthesia. I would also recommend waiting between 8-12 months to make sure everything is completely healed.

I hope this helps

Good luck
Ritu Chopra MD

Ritu Chopra, MD
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Second Facelift

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Unfortunately, without before and after pictures it is difficult to say what needs to be done.  If you truly have an minimal result and a second procedure is needed then I would wait 6 months.

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS, FACS

Facelift surgery

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The results of facial cosmetic surgery have many variables which include: the soft tissue and skeletal morphology of the patient (i.e. what you start with), the aesthetic goal, a procedure capable of achieving this goal, the ability of the surgeon to execute the procedure and realistic patient and surgeon expectations. When all, or most of these variables are aligned, successful surgery and a satisfied patient results. So, both patient and surgeon must be aligned with one another at the onset and end result. An outcome deemed unsuccessful might reflect unrealistic expectations by either or both parties.

When post op expectations are not meant, it is better for patient and surgeon to re-evaluate the before mentioned variables. Honest reflection by both parties, sometimes given time for healing and scar maturation or perhaps a minor revision, can usually result in a realistic, satisfactory result. If this process with their primary surgeon is not rewarding, careful analysis of expectations and realistic goals must be undertaken before proceeding with another intervention by a competent surgeon.

For $17,000 you should expect an excellent result from a facelift.

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$17,000 is a lot of money for facelift. The plastic surgeon's job is to make you feel better about yourself. In my practice I do not charge patients for revisional surgery.

Unhappy with face lift result

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Thank you for your question about your dissatisfaction with your face lift result.

Each surgeon has a different policy. Some will redo a face lift at no charge, some a reduced charge, some for a full fee. It depends on the surgeon and the situation. Patients always have to cover the cost of the operating room and anesthesia.

Sit down with your plastic surgeon, review your before/after photos. Discuss what is needed, in your opinion and his/her opinion and when is a good time to do surgery, if anything is needed.

Older patients (those over 50) are more likely to need early revisions because of loose tissues. Changes in weight can change the result as well. Your surgeon is very likely to want to help you be happy with your result. Together you should be able to figure out how to get there. Best wishes.

Post facelift

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Most surgeons will do a revision without a surgical fee if they think it is warranted.  Usually the patient will cover the cost of the facility or anesthesia charges.  But every surgeon is different.  Discuss your concerns with the surgeon and see if your problem can be addressed.  You need to allow amble time for full recovery from the first surgery before considering a revision.  Good luck.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Facelift Revisions

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Every Surgeon will have his/ her separate revision policy and this is usually presented to you at the time of your initial consultation or when you book your surgery. Although I cannot comment on your results without pictures, I do know that most Surgeons will want to keep their patients with reasonable requests happy.  In my practice, in the rare circumstance where a major revision to a Facelift is required, the patient is not charged a Surgeon's fee, but is charged a facility/ anesthesia fee which is a fraction of the initial cost of the procedure. If you are still in the early phases of healing, I encourage you to maintain your relationship with your Surgeon to follow your progress (or lack therof) and for reassurance.

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