Are the Results from Red Light LED Facial Therapy Permanent?

Of course, provided a good preventative maintenance program is followed post treatments, i.e. staying out of the sun and using 30+SPF when exposed to the sun. Are the results permanent? I personally also use Atralin nightly for the treatment of acne too wondering if that may also prolong or help preserve red LED light therapy (which I am seeking out for treatment of fine lines and freckles/sunspots, NOT acne, which is well controlled now). Thank you!

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Nothing is permanent!

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Great question, but I have to say nothing is permanent.  Taking care of your skin is like going to the gym.  Work the skin, work those muscles.  They will look better for that.  Stop the care, stop the work and they will return to baseline.  Skin is the same as your muscles!  Life is work!  

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