What is the Best Way to Remove Tattoo Eyebrows? (photo)

The pigments contain iron oxide (medium brown) . I have heard of dermabrasion, I have heard of tattooing substances into them and I know that qswitched lasers may not have desired results. I had them done 9 days ago and they are unflattering, uneven, ugly and I am becoming depressed and reclusive :( Please help .. I hate them so much!

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If the pigment is not too deep and your skin color not too dark laser vaporization may be best.

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I recommend that you see a dermatologist with extensive laser experience.  This is tricky business.

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Correcting eyebrow tattoo

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I would consult with a physician who specializes in lasers. Laser removal will be the best way of treating, however it will take multiple sessions and may never be completely normal skin.

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What is the Best Way to Remove Tattoo Eyebrows?

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Photo not very helpful. Best to see a laser doctor with a RubyQ switched laser for multiple sessions. Cost $5,000 to correct. Sorry 

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Picosecond laser recommended

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Hello and thanks for your question.

This is a very difficult to treat, although Picosecond laser ( with extra optional handpieces) treatments by an experienced Doctor is your best option.

Wishing you all the best,

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