What is the Best Way to Remove a Lip Lesion in Corner of Mouth? I Had Angular Cheilitis Years Ago? (photo)

I'm not sure if it is a scar from angular cheilitis (was never diagnosed with this and my doctor said it's probably not) years ago but I've had this ~5mm mole-like thing in the corner of the right side of my mouth since as long as I could remember. My mom doesn't know when I developed it but I was not born w it. I talked to my doctor about having it removed and was told it would probably have to be "frozen" and removed. What is the best way to have it removed that won't leave a noticeable scar?

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Scalpel Sculpting Works Well For Removing Growths on Lips

As a rule, procedures performed on the body of the lips (the red area, as opposed to the vermilion border) heal quite well and quickly with nearly imperceptible scars. Over the more than thirty years of my practice I have removed moles (beauty marks, birth marks), age spots and sun spots, and blood vessel abnormalities (hemangiomas and venous lakes) from the lips with gratifying cosmetic results.

Although it is likely, given the history, that this growth is perfectly benign and harmless, it would still be a good idea, even if it is removed for aesthetic reasons, to send the specimen to the laboratory for confirmation. 

The procedure is simple and takes less than five minutes to perform. Following the application of a topical numbing spray, the kind the dentist would use inside the mouth, a small amount of local anesthetic is instilled directly underneath the growth. The surface of the growth can then be easily and painlessly "sculpted" down flush with the base of the lip. The base can then be cauterized. In a few days, once the crust falls off, the wound typically heals with a nearly imperceptible mark. 

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