Will the Removal of my Goretex Chin Implant Make my Jawline Look Worse and my Chin Sag?

I really want my goretex chin implant removed because I feel tingling and pulsing sensations when I touch it or put lip balm on, sometimes when I don't touch my face at all. The left wing of the implant is slightly higher than my natural jawline and I can feel it being there. I am only 21 years old and I don't want chin sagging. Does being younger help avoid sagging? Say I keep the implant in, when I am sixty or seventy, will my natural facial sagging make it obvious that I have an implant? THX.

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Tingling After Chin Augmenation Usually Resolves

These sensation you are describing: tingling and throbbing are common in the first few months and go away. Best advice is to have close follow-up and frank discsussions with your plastic surgeon.

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Will the Removal of my Goretex Chin Implant Make my Jawline Look Worse and my Chin Sag?

    The smaller the implant and the less time that has elapsed since placement the more likely the face is to return to the preoperative state.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Removal of GoreTex chin implant

Since you're only 21 years old, I'm assuming that you have not had your chin implant in place for too long.  It is possible that your current implant could be revised to help with the tingling sensations that you are having.  If you do decide you want the implant removed, in most cases, there should not be any sagging of the skin and your chin should look fairly much the same to how it did before the implant was placed.  If you leave the implant in, as you age, it should not be apparent that you have a chin implant in place.  

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Removing the Chin Implant Should Not Make Your Chin Sag

I am going to need more information before I can give you a thorough answer.  

-  When was you implant placed?

-  How large of an implant was placed?

It is is early after your surgery and a medium to small implant was placed then removing the implant should not make the chin sag.  The tissues will contract onto the jawbone, and the chin should look normal.

If it has been a long time since the implant was placed and a large implant was used, there is a chance that chin may look different after surgery.  During the removal of the implant, the surgeon may have to perform some techniques to help minimize this chance.

The tingling sensation may be due to the chin implant in the wrong location.  If it is impinging on the nerve, it can cause the tingling sensation you are experiencing.  Re-placing the implant in a better position could resolve you issue. 

I hope this helps!

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