What's the Best Way to Reduce Visibility of Two 1/2 Inch White Line Scars on Upper Right Side of Forehead from Broken Glass ?

I have two little white line scars on my upper right forehead, each about 1/2 inch long and very narrow, like a drawn line, yet very visible during the day. Scars are both about six years old each and both came from a strike or blow with a hard, plastic, glass-imitation wine glass. I'm a white , 40 yr. old male and the scars are visible since they are whiter than the surrounding skin. I need to know best way to reduce visibilty and/or camouflage them. Typical pictures dont really show. Please help!!!

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Medical Microneedling May Help To Improve The Color & Texture of Whitish Scars

Certainly camouflage makeup would be the easiest option. However, if a more permanent solution is being sought medical microneedling may represent a viable, minimally invasive option for improving the color and texture of these scars. It has been used successfully for years to treat all kinds of scars, including those arising from trauma, as in this case, acne, surgical, and even infection conditions, such as from chicken pox.

Microneedling, which may be performed either manually with a roller or a motorized device using only topical anesthesia, employs an array of needles that pierce the surface of the scar to break up the surface tissue and create microchannels. This, too, allows for new collagen formation, but also makes possible the transferring (auto-transplanting) of functioning pigment producing cells from the surrounding normal area into the scar area. When this is combined with the application of tyrosine, the essential chemical involved in natural pigment production, the process of repigmenting can be enhanced. Medical microneedling, too, yields best results when performed as a series of two to four treatment sessions at six week intervals.

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Scar management

Hi Villa777

It sounds like your scars have matured fine! At 6 years down the track there will be little that can be done to change the appearance of these scars. Laser may help. Camouflage with a foundation might be the easiest option.

Good Luck

Dr Gavin Sandercoe

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Options to help reduce scars on forehead

You mentioned that the scars on your forehead are small white lines, so I'm assuming what makes them noticeable is the color.  It would be possible to camouflage them with some type of makeup but it is also possible that you could be a candidate for a scar revision to remove the white portion of the scars and hopefully give you a less noticeable scar.  I would consult with a facial plastic or plastic surgeon to see if you might benefit from such a procedure.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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