What is the Recovery Time with Periareolar Scar Revision?

I had a breast reduction done 5 months ago. part of my old areola is left over making for a very ugly appearance. I am having a revision and would like to know the recovery time. Is it normal to have old areola after surgery?

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Recovery after Revisional Breast Reduction Surgery

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Hi Kim,

I'm sorry to hear about your problems following breast reduction.

Sometimes arealoar skin (and pigmentation) is left behind and remains on the lower breast due to the large diameter of the original areolar. Your new areolar is probably around 42mm. It may not have been possible to remove all the original areolar skin as part of the initial reduction.

It sounds like you plastic surgeon is planning some skin-only surgery. I imagine this would be pretty minor in nature, if all that is being done is removing the residual areolar skin and suturing everything back together. I would imagine you would be back at work and normal activity within a week or so BUT the best person to ask would be your plastic surgeon.

Good luck with it all!

Recovery after Revisionary Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Yes, what you are describing (residual areolar pigmented skin) can occur after breast reduction or breast lifting surgery. Revisionary surgery is generally quite painless and is associated with a much easier recovery period. Your plastic surgeon will guide you when it comes to returning to specific activities.

 Best wishes for a successful operation.

Recovery or areola revision

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A revision areola procedures is fairly straightforward in most cases and the recovery is usually pretty quick.  I tell my patients that exercise, etc.. can probably start back up within two weeks. They should avoid swimming or bath for 3-4 weeks until the incisions have healed.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Short recovery

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Hi Kim

It is fairly rare to have any nipple or areola left behind after a breast reduction unless you started off with particularly large nipple/areolas & were having a fairly minimal reduction.

Without photos, it is difficult to know the extent of your revisional surgery.  But if it is only to remove any residual pigmented skin, then I would expect the surgery to be quite minor & the recovery very quick - approx 2 weeks.  If you were having more extensive surgery to reposition the nipples or to perform further reduction, then your recovery may be up to 6 weeks.  Check with your surgeon as to exactly what is planned & what their recommendation would be.


Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor, FRACS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon
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