What is the Best Recommended Treatment for First Signs of Hair Loss/balding? (photo)

(I.e. Hair Thinning Around Hairline and Crown) Hello, I am a 23yr old male. I have noticed my hair has thinned considerably at the crown, temples, and hairline. I have noticed shedding in the shower; a few hairs at a time when I shampoo. I wish to stop or correct this before it gets worse. I have no known allergies. My father is partly bald and his father was almost completely bald. My grandfather on my mother's side had nearly a full set of dark hair up until he passed away at 80yrs. What do you recommend I do?

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Treatment of Early Hair Loss

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Hi Jacob

You are wise to think about addressing your male pattern hair loss in the earliest possible stages.  Most treatments are more effective in treating hair loss in the early stages than in more advanced stages of hair loss. 

At present, there are two FDA approved treatments for treating male balding: topical minoxidil and finasteride pills. Both of these medications can help to slow or stop hair loss and may even improve hair density in some men as well.  Recent research has shown that these medications not only help stop hair loss in the crown or "top" of the scalp but may provide benefit in slowing hair loss in the front and temples as well. 

The other point I like all of my younger patients to understand is that the hairline shape does change a bit from age 18 to 26. We call this process "maturation" of the hairline.  Many men develop slight recession in the temples between 18 to 26 even if they don't go on to develop further male balding. This "maturation" of the hairline is a completely normal process in men. 

I do feel you have two things going on - one is genetic hair loss and one is normal "maturation" of the hairline. You are too young for a hair transplant right now, but you are not too young to have a thorough discssion with a hair specialist about whether minoxidil or finasteride could be helpful for you. 

Vancouver Dermatologist

Best treatment for early hair loss.

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Best treatment for early hair loss is to do nothing! You need to see if you will have enough hair remaining to look natural using transplants or flaps. See a surgeon who does both and is very experienced. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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