What Are the Reasons Some Recover W/little Pain from Smartlipo & Others Have Extreme Pain?

Reading through this forum it seems as though some recovery quickly with minimal pain while others experience extreme and prolonged pain regardless of the number of areas treated. Some doctors respond that it's due to the technique and tools, and others the tumescent anesthesia. Which is the most significant reason?

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Pain with Liposuction

Individuals vary in their response to pain.  Extreme pain is definitely unusual, but extraction of a larger volume of fat can result in more discomfort.

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Pain after liposuction

I will argue that in most cases it is not related to technique or method or number of areas but the individual variation from patient to patient. Every surgeon will tell you that they can do the same exact operation on one person without them taking a single pain pill.  the next day, exact same operation, and the patient is calling for more pain medication within 48 hours. What most people forget is that even with the laser, Smartlipo, you must do some traditional liposuction at the end to remove what's left over.

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