What is the Quickest Home Laser Hair Removal System for a Man?

I have a lot of body hair and I have experienced lasers previously and they hurt so much and I am so concious of the hair that I want a sytem that I can use in the privacy of my own home. Which hair removal method/system does not cause pain, can be used on any part of the body and can be done quickly? Thanks Chris

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Best Home Laser Hair Removal System

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The best home hair removal system is a razor. There is no technology that can safely and effectively provide hair removal similar to what a real medical laser can do in a home.  
If your concern is privacy, find a physician owned and operated laser center with multiple lasers that performs many laser treatments each day. In my laser hair removal practice, we have two different lasers for hair removal and a significant percentage of our clients are men.  Our laser patients range from physicians to athletes, etc. 
 In a medical office your privacy is protected by HIPAA privacy laws. Just as importantly, in a busy laser office with experienced laser technicians, they perform laser hair removal all day every day. They will make you feel comfortable. 
Don't waste your time and money with a home system. Instead, do your research and find a reputable medical office providing laser hair removal in your area.  Part of being reputable means treatments are performed one by one, and not sold in a package. Also, avoid "guarantees" that is a sure sign that a laser facility isn't owned and operated by a physician as medical procedures cannot be guaranteed. The medical board won't allow medical procedures to be promoted as guaranteed services

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Home laser hair removal systems

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Yes, laser hair removal can be uncomfortable and no, there are no good laser hair removal systems that are safe for home use. To give greater comfort in my office when we do laser hair removal we use the GentleMAX laser by Candela. The skin is protected during treatment by Candela’s Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) technology where cryogen is sprayed onto the skin a fraction of a second before each laser pulse.  This cools the upper layers of the skin and provides increased comfort.


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Home Laser Hair Removal

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Unfortunately there is no great home laser hair removal machine. You are absolutely correct that the procedure is uncomfortable. Numbing cream will take the edge off a bit. Good luck!

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
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