What is the Purpose of the Compression Garment After Cellulaze?

Is the compression garment just to reduce swelling and bruising, or will it actually help with the results?

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Purpose of Compression Garment Following Cellulaze

The purpose of using a compression garment following Cellulaze is to help reduce swelling and aid in controlling the final contour after the procedure.  Cellulaze may be thought of as a finishing or surface contour treatment.  Anything that might help smooth the area after treatment will be beneficial. Though clinical studies may not exist to substantiate this effect, most plastic surgeons with experience in body contouring and Cellulaze agree that compression garments for 3-4 weeks following treatment are helpful. For Cellulaze, there may be some bruising for 2-3 weeks, so the garment will help to conceal the area and provide additional comfort. 

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Compression is important

Compression helps to minimize and reduce the postoperative swelling in the areas of treatment.  It also helps to minimize the risk of fluid pockets (ie seromas).  In addition, it helps to redrape the skin to help facilitate your final results.  Hope this helps.


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What is the purpose of the compression garment after Cellulaze treatment?

The purpose of the compression garment is two fold. It helps to reduce swelling and bruising and it also helps to re-drape the skin over its new contour. It really helps with giving the skin a much smoother appearance post Cellulaze treatment.

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Pressure garments following Cellulaze treatment help to improve contour, reduce bruising and possible seroma formation.

Pressure garments following Cellulaze treatment help to improve contour, reduce bruising and possible prevent or lessen the risk of seroma formation.  The pressure garment also adds stability to the treated tissues as they heal following Cellulaze treatment.

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#Cellulaze post-op care

Cellulaze is FDA approved for removing dimples of cellulite. it uses laser heat to melt the septae and to give your skin a rather smooth appearance. compression garments help to reduce the swelling and help with skin tightening. it is advised that one must follow their surgeon's advice and wear them for as long as it is recommended, as it depends on the areas treated.

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Purpose of compression garment after Cellulaze

Thanks for the question.  The compression garment is very important after the procedure, not only for swelling, but to aid in the healing of the tissues back together correctly.  Since the Cellulaze laser will disrupt the fibrous bands and melt fat, potential spaces that could fill with fluid could be created, called seromas.  Persistent ones will require drainage with a needle.  Use of the comrpession garment will minimize the risk of developing them.  Hope this helps and best of luck.  Robert Kratschmer, MD

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Cellulaze and Compression

Thank you for your question.  The compression garment after Cellulaze is designed to help reduce the swelling post surgery and helps to remold the skin for desired contouring.  I generally recommend to my patients to wear the compression garment continuously for 2 weeks, and then as often as possible for an additional 4 weeks post procedure.

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Re: compression garment after cellulaze

although the compression garment should help reduce swelling, there are no controlled studies that i am aware of showing that it actually affects the final outcome. i have my patients only wear the compression garment for 5 days in most cases. that is hardly too much tough for the patient. i am not sure there is any benefit to wearing them longer. i do realize that other surgeons may feel differently but i do not believe there is any data supporting any particular length of time.



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What is the Purpose of the Compression

Your posted question is double take. Compression helps prevent swelling so by that premise should help the results. 

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Compression Garment after Cellulaze

Thank you for your question. The compression garment primarily is worn to  help reduce swelling post-treatment. 

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