What is the Purpose of "Dissolvable" Implants in a Mid Face Lift?

I saw a PS in Nevada and he recommended a mid face lift and "disolvable" implants. He is board certified and I trust his advice but I have not yet understood what these implants do. They dissolve? What is the purpose of these? The dissolving material of these implants are not bad for my body?

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Endotines not implants but fixation devices

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Think of these more as dissolving sutures than implants - these will break down into benign organic ingredients after a few months

Dissolvable midface implants

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The dissolvable implant referred to is likely an Endotine anchor.  It holds the mid-face lift until the tissues have sealed down and healed.  Once it has served its purpose, it dissolves. Discuss this with your surgeon to be sure. I hope this helps.

Dissolvable Implants placed during Midface Lift

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Most likely your facial surgeon is using a device in place of surgical sutures. Many sutures and similar tightening devices are absorbable and will disappear over a few months. It allows rearrangement of facial soft tissues until healing process is advanced to hold them in their new location.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Implant-Based Midface Lift

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The dissolveable implant to which you refer is the Endotine device. Using a device to do a midface lift simplifies the operation as it is a platform onto which the cheek tissues are repositioned. It is made of a well known resorbable material that goes away within a year after surgery. In theory, the device is replaced by scar which serves as the more permanent anchoring for the cheek tissues.

"Dissolvable" Implants in a Mid Face Lift?

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Like the other consultants, I am assuming you mean the endotine. If not, then reask the question so we can try again. I have used the endotine for years. It is placed to hold your natural tissues in an elevated and more youthful position until they heal there. That happens while the endotine is dissolving. It has no detrimental effect on your body and results in a beautiful look.

Cheek lift with Endotine "implant".

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The Endotine device lifts the cheek and it is not a true implant as it dissolves after scarring has replaced it's job of lifting the cheek. This is a good device if used by an experienced surgeon!

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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He may be referring to the Endotine midface ribbon device.

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This is a device that is inserted through a temple incision.  The ribbon has prongs on the end that are designed to hold the lift cheek fat and the other end of the ribbon is sutured to the temporalis fascia proper.  The ribbon is designed to break down and dissolve over a 1 year period.  Scar tissue that forms is supposed to replace the function performed by the ribbon device.  Some surgeons swear by this surgery.  I personally really do not like this approach.  First the cheek soft tissue did not come from the temple.  This can create an unnatural vector of pull in the cheek.  Second, the dissection needed from the temple into the mid face area damages the fat of the face.  This can result in a post-surgical deformity I call the Plateau Midface Deformity which causes skeletonizaiton of the zygomatic arch.  The break down of the fat along the outer orbital rim that is a feature of this deformity creates a disturbing look to the eyes.  FInally, yes the endotines and ribbon do eventually dissolve but in the processes the tissue around the devise can become persistently tender, which is bothersome until it resolves.  

In many cases, midface filling using Perlane and Restylane can actually be better than surgery and is not associated with the described issues.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Mid Face Lift - Suspension technique using dissolvable implants

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The "Lift" procedures (face lift, brow lift, midface lift) rearrange your own tissues to restore youth.  The implants that people normally think about (chin and cheek implants) are devices added over bone to enhance the skeletal features.  When performing a mid face lift, the soft tissues of the cheek are mobilized and then moved upward.  They need to be held in this higher position and it can either be done using sutures to periostium (the soft covering over bone), sutured thru bone tunnels, or using absorbable tined implants.  The benefit of the implants are that they have multiple points of fixation (somewhat like carpet tacks used at the edges of rooms with carpets) to distribute pressure, and your surgeon can easily adjust the fixation if they are not happy with positioning on the first trial.  The devices are fixed to bone, but are made of materials similar to suture, and will dissolve / disappear with time.  Follow the link for more info.

Dissolvable mid face implants

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The only process I can think of that would fit this description would be injectible fillers. The classical mid face implants are made of permanent substances. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dissolvable Implants for Midface Lift

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   The implant will support the tissues during healing.  It will dissolve to remove the palpability.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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