Should I Use the Same PS for a Different Procedure?

I had breast augmentation performed by an excellent PS about 2 yrs ago & LOVED the results. I'm considering having either a mini or full face/neck lift but I'm not sure if I should use the PS that did my augmentation. I'm struggling because I read that a great breast surgeon may not be great doing faces and vice versa. I've seen some before & after photos of facelift procedures by my PS but wasn't too impressed because the PS's work was almost not noticeable at all (no improvement). Can u help?

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#Facelifts: your surgeons experience

#Facelifts: your surgeons experience

I hope I am your plastic surgeon as I think my patients show awesome improvement in their photos
That being said, you need to feel comfortable with your surgeons ability for the particular operation you are having
Surgeons can be qualified for a variety of reasons, but you can help select one with the following info:
  • Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgeons
  • not ..... Board of Cosmetic surgeons
  • member of ASAPS
  • years of experience
  • referral from a friend who is happy

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Should I Use the Same PS for a Different Procedure?

Dear Mae,

Thank you for your question.  Yes, plastic surgeons may be great and one thing, and not great at something else.  Or they may be great at both things.  You can only judge by their results though.  If you do not like what you see, find a surgeon who has a lot of experience in facial surgery, and view their results to see if there is any difference.

Best Wishes,

Pablo PRichard, MD

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Should I use the same plastic surgeon for a different procedure?

Hello, and great to hear you had a good result from your surgery. You are concerned about having a face and neck lift with the plastic surgeon who did your breast augmentation. This is a normal concern, and a great point to bring up. In general, plastic surgeons who perform procedures all over the body do not have as much experience in specific areas. They perform a broad range of cases and do not focus on one specific procedure. With that being said, a plastic surgeon who performs breast augmentations and other procedures to the body may not have as much experience with face and neck lifts as a facial plastic surgeon. However, a general plastic surgeon may be also perfectly capable of doing a great job on a facelift, but it really just depends. When choosing a plastic surgeon, it is important you are:

1) Comfortable with the surgeon

2) Feel confident going into the surgery

It would not hurt to get some other opinions and consult with a few surgeons until you feel comfortable. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Should one use the same plastic surgeon for different procedures?

This is an important question. You have to understand that plastic surgery is not restricted to an anatomic area. It is a specialty of concept. Having said that there are plastic surgeons who are super-specialized in on area like the face, the nose or the breast. The plastic surgeons specialty develops because of their interest over time and if he or she has been in practicing for over 20 years they may be specialized in more than one area. For example I am specialized in surgery of the face and eyes but I have always enjoyed doing breast reconstruction after mastectomy, therefore I have developed expertise in all aspects of breast surgery including augmentation, lift and reduction. I can get equally successful results in the face and breast area. It is important to look at the pictures and get a consultation so that you can judge for yourself.

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Generally speaking,surgeons tend to have specialties based on their training and interests.The most important thing is to choose a surgeon who has a particular love of the procedure you are interested in and as a result of this passion has accumulated a wealth of experience in creating beautiful natural looking results consistently.

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Choosing surgeon

Choosing the same plastic surgeon to perform a different procedure depends on your comfort level with that surgeon.  If you liked your results and your pre- and post-op consultations and appointments, I would definitely recommend that you discuss having a facelift with him or her.  Board-certified plastic surgeons have training in both breast and face surgery; so, assuming that he or she is board certified in plastic surgery, he or she should be able to perform your surgery.  Good luck!

Anureet K. Bajaj, MD
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Generalist versus Specialist Plastic Surgeon

This is a very controversial question. As a facial plastic surgeon, I am a little biased towards specialist surgeons performing specialist procedures. I know many extremely qualified general plastic surgeons who perform excellent facelift as well as body procedures. However, I chose to enter facial plastic surgery to focus only on the face and to become as experienced in the face as possible. I know of several plastic surgeons in my area who are extremely experienced and adept at body procedures, but are not quite as experienced in facial surgery. It is important to discuss your concerns with your surgeon and for you to feel comfortable with not only your surgeon, but also with his/her expertise for your surgical procedure (body or face).

Gregory J. Vipond, MD, FRCSC
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Facelift after breast augmentation

In my opinion, the 2 most important aspects for a patient is to make sure that their surgeon is board-certified and that you are comfortable with him/her.  I would recommend that you rely very little on before-and-after photos.  In general, before-and-afters are usually the surgeons "home-run" results, and may not necessarily represent a reasonable or expected result.  For this reason, and others, I do not post before-and-after photos.  You are correct that a good breast surgeon is not always a good facelift surgeon.  A good facelift surgeon is much more difficult to find.  You must rely on patient recommendations and the rapport that you have built with your surgeon.

Jarrod Little, MD
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How to choose a facelift surgeon.


When considering any plastic surgery procedure, it is best to first define exactly what you are trying to achieve with clearly stated goals (write them down). Then, research and get informed about the surgical procedures or other solutions available. At this point you should set about selecting the best surgeon for you. In the case of facelift surgery use the following metrics:


  • Training and credentials. Regardless of all the "riff-raff and trash-talk" you may come across between surgeons from different specialties, the fact of the matter is that surgeons from several surgical specialties are capable of performing a good facelift: General Plastic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oculoplastic Surgery. Much more important is the individual surgeons' capability, thought process and judgment. Check to be sure that the surgeons you are considering are board certified and question them regarding their training to verify. More importantly, however, base your decision on what you discover about the individual surgeons' capabilities, experience, track record and general reputation as outlined in the following points.
  • Before and After Photos. Ask to see several patients documented with high quality before and after photos. All competent surgeons should be able to quickly present a comprehensive catalogue of before and after photos representative of the issues you desire to improve. Please understand that these are the surgeon's "Sunday Best" and should be reasonably impressive. Be sure the surgeon is using standardized and reproducible patient positioning, exposure and lighting in a designated photo area. Pulling out a camera with single point flash against a back-drop on the wall is simply not good enough.
  • Experience. Ask the surgeon how many cases he has performed. However, keep in mind that it is difficult to verify this.
  • Does the surgeon seem to understand what you want and how she/he will go about delivering the goods. A competent surgeon should be able to quickly identify the underlying causes of the aging features that you wish improved and explain what he considers the best surgical solutions. When he/she is finished explaining everything it should all make sense. If you are confused after the consultation or it seems that other services are being unnecessarily pushed, then it might not be a good fit.
  • Public Reviews, Testimonials and Reputation. Seek out multiple 'third party' sources to authenticate and verify the surgeons' capabilities and track record. Ask friends who have had similar surgery. Ask the surgeon for a list of non-biased testimonials. Refer to online review sites similar to RealSelf.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY...Listen to your intuition. If it doesn't feel right or the patient-surgeon chemistry is not there it’s probably a good idea to seek out another relationship.


Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS, FRCSC.


Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS
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Should a patient see different plastic surgeons for different surgeries?

I believe that many board certified plastic surgeons are well trained but over the course of time our practices do migrate toward some types of surgeries.  However this does not mean that we cannot also perform well on other surgeries.  My practice tends to focus on breast and body surgeries.  But I really love to do faces too, since my practice is cosmetic plastic surgery.  It would be best to ask your surgeon about the specific surgery and she should be honest in her answer of her comfort level for performing the procedure.  Make sure to check out the before and after photos with some patient reviews.

Elisa A. Burgess, MD
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