Will the Production of New Skin Hasten when You Use Diamond Peel?

My dermatologist back home suggests diamond peel treatment for my oily, acne prone, blemished skin. However, another dermatologist in china, where I am currently at, said that there is no way the treatment can get rid of dead skin without harming the healthy skin underneath. Also, she said the treatment thins out your skin, and because your skin will eventually stop producing new skin, she said; it will permanently make your skin unable to tolerate dirt and harmful UVA. Which is the truth?

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Production of new skin

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You have constant skin and cell turnover. The amount of time it takes to turn over does lessen as we age, and this is why you start seeing sun spots, damage, discolorations, etc. as you get older. Your skin doesn't turn over at the same rate anymore. In your lifetime you will have 1,000 new layers of skin. You cannot "stop" producing new skin, unless you are dead.

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