Is the Process of Removing Bonding the Same As Removing Traditional Braces from Teeth?

Is the Process of Removing Bonding the Same As Removing Traditional Braces from Teeth?

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Removing braces and bonding from teeth

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The composite material used for bonding teeth and the composite material used for bonding braces to teeth are similar materials. The removal of either of them would involve the use of the same instruments. The shape of the burs that the dentist uses may be different but the concept is the same in that you are trying to remove all the composite that was placed on the tooth in order to leave a smooth well polish enamel tooth surface. If you start to see a discoloration on the surfaces of your teeth a few months later, it may mean that there is still a little composite left on your tooth which still needs to be removed.

Mississauga Dentist

Removing old bonding from the tooth

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Removing of old bonding from the tooth is not a very discomfortable procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia. It somehow resembles the procedure of braces removal. Different polishing burs can be used to make the surface absolutely composite free and shiny.

Removing Bonding on Teeth is Routine

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We can remove bonding on teeth with out much difficulty.  I feel the process is similar to removing the tradtitonal bonded silver braces.  (It may even be easier) There are special carbide dental burs that make the process predictable.  If you are removing bonding from an old filling, we use the traditional handpiece with special burs and even use sand blasting equipment that helps as well.  Hope that helps!

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

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Removal of Invisalign attachments

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If you’re talking about removing Invisalign bonding/button/attachment, then it is much simpler process to clean them off of your teeth after the treatment, easier then getting bands and brackets off after traditional braces.

Hema Patel, DDS
Fremont Dentist

Removing Bonding from Teeth

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It depends on what type of bonding you are talking about removing, and depens on what type of traditional braces you are comparing it to. It is a very simple process to move the bonded attachments that are placed for Invisalign treatment. Much simpler than removing bands or bonded brackets that go with traditional orthodontics.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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