What is the Process of Correcting a Nose That Was Damaged by an Impact 10 Years Ago? (photo)

When I was young I flew off a seesaw and hit my nose. I never told my parents but they noticed that I became nasally when I talked. Years later I told them what happened and they took me to a doctor who said my cartilage had collapsed into one nostril. I only breath thru one nostril. I also have an Owen Wilson thing going on with my bone. So what I want to know is: How much will it cost to correct (I have insurance)? Do they have to break my bone to correct the crookedness? and How long to heal?

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Deviated Septum and Rhinoplasty

   If the septum is deviated and this correlates with the symptoms, insurance will likely approve septoplasty.  However, any cosmetic concerns (rhinoplasty) will not be covered.

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Collapsed cartilage inside the nose blocking breathing is called a deviated septum

A deviated septum is also the most common reason why someone can breathe better through one side of their nose. Externally, when a nose is broken, the bones often shift, as yours did and the lower 2/3, which is cartilage, can also shift and flatten. Insurance usually will pay for a deviate septum repair (septoplasty) but external surgery is often excluded. Fees may range from $5000 to more than $10000 depending on the region and your surgeon. But you have one nose and should do it right so find the best nose doctor you can and get an opinion.

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