What is the Procedure of a Nose Job?

Let's say I want the tip of my nose to look smaller because it looks too bulbous, what is the surgeon going to do exactly? I don't really understand when doctors say that they have to break your nose? Is it only the cartillage on the bones inside your nose or your whole nose? thank you

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Individualized rhinoplasty

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The exact techniques that will be used vary depending on the surgeon performing your surgery, your individual anatomy, and your aesthetic goals. The best way to know exactly what will happen is to discuss this in detail with your surgeon. I prefer to diagram a plan for patients during consultation to discuss these nuances in detail.

When a surgeon says he/she needs to "break" your nose it is only the upper third of your nose, where the nasal bones are. The bones are fractured in a controlled fashion with an instrument called an osteotome.

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The rhinoplasty process

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The bulbous nasal tip is surgically reduced in size by placing sutures in the lower lateral cartilages of the tip to narrow it horizontally. Conservative cartilage removal is also performed in some cases. Medial and lateral osteotomies involve making cuts in the nasal bones to narrow the bridge line after a hump has been removed. The hump is composed of both bone and cartilage and is filed down. For examples please see the link below

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