What is the best procedure for removing my breast implants? (Photo)

I had saline breast implants placed under the muscle, through the armpit. They were put in 12 years ago. Nothing wrong with them, just want to have them removed/not replaced. Originally no breast and now I am a 34B/32C. Over a decade and three children later, I am the same size (5'3'' and 100lbs.). My question is what procedure would be best for removal? Local or General? Leave the capsule or partial removal? Remove through the armpit or through new incision (nipple or fold)?

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"How to remove the Implant?"

I would use the same incision to remove the implant . Laparoscopically removed with full exposure . As for the capsule it would depend on the character of the capsule. If the capsule is diseased the I would remove it . But you could leave it ,score it to close it down etc . I would plan for removal and intra-operatively make the decision of what is right . 

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What is the best procedure for removing my breast implants?

Thank you for the question and picture. One option for you may be to proceed with breast implant removal through the trans-axillary previous incision;  a backup plan (if intraoperative findings are that transaxillary removal is not possible) may be the use of an infra areolar or inframammary incision.  Removal of thin/asymptomatic breast implant capsule is not necessary. Best wishes.

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Removing Breast Implants from the axillary incision is fine

You can have your implants removed via the axillary incisions quite easily.  A little sedation and local anesthesia will make it more enjoyable for you.  The capsule can be left in place.  Just go over the options with your doctor.

Randy J. Buckspan, MD
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It wouldn't be too hard to retrieve these implants through your original incision. That should be possible. Now, at least in my experience, removing the capsule would be pretty challenging and unless you have a contracture, unnecessary. Check back with  your plastic surgeon as he or she knows your case better than anyone.

Lee E. Corbett, MD
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