What is the Best Procedure for Removal of Implants? What to Expect?

5'10" silicone implants for two years - small 34b to now unwanted 34dd, goal was small C (425ccs). Having problems with discomfort and unhappy with look. Still have visile scarring & placed 1.5" above fold :(. I regret my choice, now need to know best steps to remove them & what to expect... Pain to anticpate? Use same scar site, will scarring be worse? Downtime? Best to use PS who implanted them? Leave in capsule or completely remove? Better to stay uncomfortable with current implants? Help

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Removing implants

Removing implants usually is straight forward.   If the capsule is not firm are problematic, it often does not need rot be removed.

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Technique for removal

Removal of implants is a relatively straightforward operation, and is not too involved. The incision can vary, especially if the implant is in tact. If the implant is ruptured, and it is best to be removed from below the breast. "Inframammary incision".  Any plastic surgeon can perform this operation, but if you have a good relationship with the previous surgeon it might be preferable. There is no reason to stay uncomfortable with your implants. For your information, we have just only operation which is removal of the implants, capsulectomy, and closure without implant replacement. It will be appearing on YouTube and the next two weeks. Good luck with your operation

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Decisions about breast implant removal

I'm sorry you are unhappy with the outcome of your breast augmentation surgery. Removing breast implants will obviously take away the volume the implants provides and the resulting stretch of your breast tissues and skin unfortunately does not recoil or tighten all that much. The thought then is to try to visualize what your results will be and without examining you or seeing photos it is difficult to counsel you. The capsule does not have to be removed unless it is thickened or for other reasons your plastic surgeon thinks it is appropriate to do at the time of surgery. If you do not need any kind of a breast lift procedure the implants should be able to be removed through the previous scars used to place them. I would visit with your plastic surgeons with your questions written down to learn as much as you can about your options and expected outcomes. I hope this helps.

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