What is the Procedure for Cohesive Silicone Buttock Implant Removal?

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Buttock Implant Removal

      In an uncomplicated case, buttock implant removal may cost $3000 or so.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Cohesive Silicone Buttock Implant Removal

To my knowledge all buttock implants should be cohesive silicone.

Typically the original incison can be used to expose and identify the implants.

If they remain intact they can be carefully removed in one piece.  Potentially the buttock implant can rupture before or during removal.

Use of drains and compressive dressings are wise technical details.

Less pain is involved in removal than in placement of these implants.

Fat may be introduced simultaneously or at a later date to correct some of the volume lost from the implant removal.  Deformities may become evident after removal either from pre-existing or operative sources.

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Buttock Implant Removal

Silicone buttock implants can be removed thorough a relatively small incision.  This may be done through the original surgical incision or though another site.  Often, drains will need to be placed for 5 to 10 days postoperatively to prevent seroma formation.  The procedure may be done under general anesthesia or possibly local anesthesia with sedation.  Be certain to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Silicone buttock removal

Hello 'lz2011', thanks for your question.  Although you did not mention any details involved regarding your silicone buttock implants, or why you want them removed, typically the procedure for removing an implant entails going through the same incision and removing the implant, with or without its surrounding capsule, placement of drains, and closing the wound with a compressive dressing.  There can be problems with implants, whether they are buttock, breast, calf, etc.  These include malposition, capsular contracture, rippling, chronic pain, or infection.  Implants are not lifetime devices and can also rupture, leading to deformities and more difficulties during removal, especially if they are the older, noncohesive variety.  For these reasons, I usually recommend autologous fat transfer for buttock augmentation since this leads to a more natural, longer-lasting result.  I tend to reserve silicone buttock implants for patient with minimal to no body fat where I cannot do a fat transfer.  Either way, be sure to go to a board-certified plastic surgeon to help you with your concerns, preferably to the doctor who placed them in the first place since they know you best.  Hope that helps! -Dr.92660

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