What Could Be the Possible Problems with Having a Septal Graft Removed?

I would like a septal cartilage graft removed from my bridge. I believe it was used for widening the airways in some way. My bridge now looks to high and too wide. I liked the way my old bridge looked and I didn't have breathing issues and I don't have any now either. I was wondering though if I decide I want this graft out, could it cause a valve collapse or could it cause breathing issues for me? I got the surgery in November 2011. Thanks

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Problems With Septal Graft Removal

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It is possible that a person could encounter problems when undergoing a septal graft removal. Until your doctor is able to examine you, it's difficult to tell. When your nose is opened, your surgeon can decide upon the best course of action for you.

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Problems with Septal Graft Removal

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The septal graft can be modified or removed. Your surgeon can recommend the best approach depending on why the graft was placed and how large it is. Obviously you want to improve your appearance without compromising nasal function.

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Removing Cartilage Spreader Grafts

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If you have the graft removed its possible that you will have a nasal valve collapse, it sounds like thats why they where put in. IF you dont like the way they look they can be readjusted to look less obvious.



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