Can the Practice of Martial Arts Permanently Change my Nose?

I will be starting kickboxing soon, and I will eventually be hit in the nose. Is there any change of permanent damage from it? Like my nose becoming crooked or swollen? If I get my nose damaged or broken, is there any way to fix it? Thanks!

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Can the practice of martial arts permanently change my nose?

Contact sports such as kickboxing have great risk of trauma to the nose. It is best to wear protective equipment whenever possible to protect your nose and face. Receiving a hit to the nose can cause structural and functional damage, which will require surgery to correct. This can include a crooked nose. I hope this helps answer your question, and I wish you the best of luck. 

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Yes! Trauma can break your nose!

Starting to kickbox will definitely put you at high risk for nasal fractures and other injuries. Nasal fractures can lead to permanent cosmetic deformity and trouble breathing through your nose. While these problems are fixable surgically, you might want to consider wearing protective gear to help prevent an injury in the first place. Have fun1

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Can the Practice of Martial Arts Permanently Change my Nose?

Yes. Nasal trauma can damage and change the shape of your nose. Surgery is typically the only repair that will remedy the damage caused by a nasal fracture.

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