What is the Possibility of Blood Clot After Tummy Tuck and How Dangerous It Is?

I had tummy tuck 7 months ago and when i went for a check up I had a big lump under my breast which the doctor told me it is a hernia. 6 days ago I had another operation and they found out that it was a big blood clot and not a hernia. My tummy is swollen and I haven't been able to enjoy my new shape yet. How long doeas it take to have a flat tummy? Is there a possibility that I have blood clot again? Do I need to use aspirin? I would be very grateful to hear from you

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"Blood clot" after tummy tuck



The types of blood clots we as surgeons worry about are clots that form where they are not supposed to --particularly in veins, where they can cause damage to the circulation in the legs (a common site of occurrence) or they can brake off and migrate to the lungs, causing sometimes life-threatening complications.


What you had was an apparently unrecognized area where there was bleeding after surgery. We want that blood to clot, so that the injury to the blood vessel is sealed off and the bleeding stops, which is has. It is not likely that something like this will occur again. 


You do not need to take aspirin as a result of this. Aspirin may be beneficial for other reasons, and you own personal physician can help answer that. 


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