Would you consider the position of my nipples/areola's to be in the middle of my breast mound or laterally positioned? (photo)

Are my nipples properly centered on the breast mound, or are they too laterally positioned? If so, what kind of revision could be done too more center the nipples/areola's creating a more forward facing look? Could a simple revision be done under local anesthesia, or would I need another expensive surgery to fix this issue? Would you say proper nipple placing technique was used in my breast reduction? Could this have been avoided?

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Poor results with Wise reduction

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From your post-op photographs, it appears your nipples are too lateral. Pre-operatively, the photograph also shows lateral position. This frequently occurs with the technique you had called the Wise pattern, which was developed in 1956. I personally do not use this technique because it results in unattractive vertical scars, provides insufficient lift and is not stable long term. This could not be revised under local anesthesia and require another operation under general anesthesia. New techniques, such as The Ultimate Breast Lift, have been developed to avoid results like this. Best Wishes, Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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I would suggest waiting at least a year as you are still relatively fresh. Your anatomy before and after is having naturally lateralized nipples and areolas and I think the surgery to move everything medial may not be worth it

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