Can the Polyacrylamide Gel Breast Implants Removed?

I have the polyacrylamde gel breast injection 8 years ago in China? Then I moved to the US. Everytime when I got pregant, my breast had the very abnormal change. 2 months ago, my left breast started to have the very bad infection, I feel the terrible pain and heat with high-fever. I was rushed to the hospital, the doctors treated me with antibiotics. It got better, but I still feel the discomfort and pain.Now I just wondered whether I can remove the gel here in the US,

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Polyacrylamide gel

Having polyacrylamide gel injected into the breasts is not performed in the US.  It would be very difficult to remove it all.  MRI's are usually best to determine the extent of the material in the breast.

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Silicone breast injections

You would need to have a careful examination by a plastic surgeon experienced in this problem. It's very likely that removal of injected gel (as opposed to a self contained implant) would cause serious deformities or even require a mastectomy. But the infections can become life threatening. See someone soon for a thorough evaluation.

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Polyacrylamide injection into the breast is very difficult to remove all of the material out.

You need an MRI and look closely at the location and amount of polyacrylamide. The infection may have settled down now but there is low grade infection, because of the presence of foriegn material.

The infected material needs to be removed. You will have some deformity to the breast.

Medical and surgical treatment is important.

Samir Shureih, MD
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